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Bag A Tales – Collected

​Hello and welcome to Bag A Tales Collected. Bag A Tales Collected is a 32-page mini anthology containing three fun B&W short-stories. They were first published in an indie comic zine anthology back in early 2000s by creators are Andre Farant and Rick Joseph.

Is the story for 3 friend chillaxing at a cottage until one of them downs bad beer.

BAG A TALES (A. Farant/R. Joseph)
When a mysterious man arrives at a hotel lobby with a duffle bag swung across his shoulder, three friend tell a tale of what they think is in that bag.

A young cadet performs an emergency landing of his space-pod in the jungle following an engine failure. What happens next leaves our cadet both confused and thankful to be alive.

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  • Three short stories
  • Standard comic size (6.625 x 10.25)
  • 32 pages, 60 lbs uncoated text
  • Black & White  interior pages
  • Full colour gloss cover (80 lbs)

The plan is to get the comics printed in December.

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The Creators

Who are we?

Rick Joseph // the artist

By day I’m an ​E-learning designer​.​ Any other time, I’m a ​Dad of 2 yoots, a ​freelance​ graphic ​& ​web​ designer, aspiring comic book letterer, part-time doodler, indie-comic enthusiast and wannabe illustrator.

Web: lightamatch.com

Andre Farant // the writer

Formerly of Montreal and Ottawa, currently based in Bangkok. I show, I don’t tell. I guess…

“It’s so cool you doing a comic, Daddy.”

Rick's kids

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